Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil Changer

Mobile system for wind turbine gearbox oil changer

Filtration oil and monitoring of wind turbine oil is an important role for the efficient maintenance of a wind farm.

Thanks to the CMM-G mobile unit, oil filtration and the change hydraulic oil in a wind turbine has become a simple and fast operation.

The oil in Wind turbine gearbox is used in adverse conditions and the factors that accelerate the aging of oil are: free and solved water, particles from the worn gears, gases and dirt. In addition, we can consider the oil for gear a separate part of the entire unit which requires monitoring and maintenance.

The CMM-G Mobile Unit, created by GlobeCore, in addition to the draining and adding oil, can be used to keep clean the gearbox to all contaminants and remaining old lubricant. This allows the new oil to perform at its maximum performance.

The oil change in a wind turbine gearbox takes place in a three-stage process: draining old oil, flushing the gearbox and filling it with new oil. The CMM-G can also heat clean oil.

The unit changes mineral and synthetic oil with the following properties:

  • kinematic viscosity at 40°С  – 8…50 mm2/sec;
  • density at 20°С, – 800…950 kg/m3;
  • ISO 4406 purity class – 14 or better.

It is possible use a different type of oil, but is necessary do the following operations: flush the unit to prevent mixing of different oil types (mineral and synthetic) and change filter elements.

The change of oil happens to a maximum height of 105 meters and is fed into the gearbox at a pressure of 5 bar, eliminating the remaining used oil and particles.

The unit allow to heat and filter clean oil, with filter of 3 and 25 μm, before to fill in. After heating to 70°С, the oil is supplied to the gearbox. When heating and filtration mode is engaged, it is possible to simultaneously supply oil to the gearbox and heat the next batch of oil for filling the next turbine.

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Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil Changer

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