Oil Filtration and Oil Purification System Olio | CMM-1CF

Unit for cleaning water from oil - CMM-1CF

The unit is not used only for oil filtration, but also for oil purification. The purification of industrial, hydraulic, turbine, transformer and other oil type, as well as diesel, kerosene and oil with a particularly high moisture content.

The unit allows to do the purification of oil with an extremely high water content, up to 50% and above.

The water is removed by coagulation. When the oil passes through a special filter element, the water molecules gather in droplets and from the filter surface flows into a sedimentation vessel. The water, therefore, can be discharged through a valve.

The unit is equipped with a cartridge filter with a filtration degree of 1, 3, 5 or 25 μm, installed in the unit to restore the particulates from the oil.

The СММ-1CF has the following advantages:

  • energy consumption;
  • mobility;
  • compact size;
  • simple operation and maintenance;
  • no heating or chemical influence on the treated oil.

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Oil Filtration and Oil Purification System Olio | CMM-1CF

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