Fuel Filtration

Fuel Filtration - MOBILE LTH

The MOBILE LTH is the right and convenience way to reduce cost for filtration of fuel gasoline, jet fuels, mixtures of biodiesel and hydrocarbon fluids.

The Mobile unit filters, cleans and recycles old and/or contaminated fuels. It can also be used to carry out preventive maintenance in order to keep the tanks clean or clean the tanks contaminated by rain, water, dirt, rust and microbial growth.

Clear Fuel & Diesel Biocide

Allow immediate cleaning of fuel tanks and is an essential part of any preventive maintenance program.


  • Cleans fuel tanks contaminated with algae and fungi
  • Effective with ultra low content sulfur (ULSD) and biodiesel fuel
  • Prevent premature clogging of the filters
  • Stabilizes fuel in case of its permanence in the tank.



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Fuel Filtration

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