About Us

LubeTeam Hydraulic S.r.l has been a trustworthy partner for Hydraulic and Pneumatic application in the industry for all company that work in different sector: Industry, Oil & Gas, Earth Moving, Agriculture, Automotive, Aeronautics, Marine, Renewable, and Refrigeration.

We are distributors and representatives of the main manufacturers of Hydraulic components that we carefully select keeping in mind the highest quality and their certification to offer suitable products for all industrial needs.

To be by your side throughout the production process, over time we have become specialized center in the assembly of hoses fittings for low, medium and high pressures. We deal with assembly and retrofitting of hydraulic pumps and motors, and offer custom solutions for cooling of various types of fluids through assembling, reconditioning and cleaning of heat exchangers.

The production process, however, requires a constant control and periodic maintenance of industrial plants to reduce machine down time. That's why we also do functional control of hydraulic plants and analysis and filtration of fluid, H.F.C.C. (Hydraulic and Fluid Contamination Control) through the following activities:

  • Solid Contamination Analysis and Monitoring of Water in Oil
  • Dehydration and Filtration of Oils
  • Diesel Filtration
  • Depuration Coolant and Wash Liquids.

We respect an international standard quality in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001, in order to keep update the Certification of Quality Management System.